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Our Policies...
  • All dogs must pass an evaluation before being admitted for daycare, boarding or grooming.
  • Animals who have or appear to have a contagious disease are not permitted.
  • We have a minimum age requirement of 16 weeks. This is for your puppy's and/or kitten's own safety to ensure that their vaccinations have taken full effect.
  • Any boarding stay with an AM drop-off time and a PM pick-up time will be charged for a half-day. This is $16 per dog and $12 per cat.
  • We have a strict "Pay For What You Book" Boarding Policy. Full payment is due at check-in. You are welcome to pick up your pet before your scheduled check-out date, however, there will be no refund or credit given for unused time. Please take care to be sure of your check-out date before drop-off.
  • Medications are administered up to three times daily, (morning, afternoon, and evening) for those pets that need it. Please let us know if you've had any trouble getting your pet to take medications.
  • Feeding happens twice daily. Fresh food in the morning, and fresh food in the evening. All animals are fed only in the solitude of their kennels.
  • All animals are required to have current vaccinations during their stay. These are:
    • Dogs
      • DHPP
      • Bordatella
      • Rabies
    • Cats
      • FVRCP
      • Feline Leukemia
      • Rabies
    You must provide documentation with the date administered, expiration date, and who administered the vaccination. This information is kept on file and you only need to provide it again once it's expired.
  • We highly recommend that all pets have flea/tick treatment and that cats have FIP vaccination; however, it is not required for your stay.
  • If your pet needs emergency treatment we will take him or her to our approved veterinarian, and charges may apply.
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