Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions...
  1. When can I drop off or pick up my pet?
  2. Our drop off and pick up hours are:
    Mon-Fri 7-11am OR 3-7pm
    Sat-Sun & Holidays 10-12noon OR 4-5pm
    **Please note, staff is still at the facility caring for the dogs even when the lobby is closed mid-day. We can sometimes accommodate drop off mid-day if arranged ahead of time.
  3. How much free time will my dog have while being boarded?
  4. All boarding stays include play-time in the daycare area at no additional charge provided they are friendly and compatible with the play environment. These daycare sessions are split up throughout the day to ensure your dog gets all the exercise and all the rest they need, even on a longer stay. Boarding guests will get between 3-5 hours of playtime per day or more.
  5. Are all the dogs screened?
  6. Yes! All dogs must pass a temperament evaluation to be allowed in the daycare play zone. Dogs who are not compatible with the daycare environment will be interacted with individually by staff throughout their stay on the boarding side of the facility.
  7. Do you have a webcam?
  8. Yes! We have a live webcam in the dog area. It can be viewed from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.
  9. I Have Multiple Dogs. Can they share a kennel and do I get a discount?
  10. Yes! There is a discount for additional dogs staying in the same kennel, and this is automatically applied when you book your stay. Our large kennels can accommodate 2 or 3 very large dogs. Kennels vary in size between 4x4 to 4x6 and are assigned based on size and availability. Smaller dogs tend to prefer a smaller kennel as they feel cozy in there, like a doghouse.
  11. Can I send my dog or cat with treats, toys, or a blanket from home?
  12. We recommend bringing treats from home that your dog loves. We provide an elevated dog cot inside each kennel on which a small bed or blanket may be placed. We recommend anything you bring be something easy to wash when you get home. Although there are drains in each kennel, accidents can still happen! We have found toys are often ignored, but if you would like to send a toy with your dog please ensure it is not something that would present a choking hazard if chewed.
  13. Can I bring my own food? What if I don't?
  14. Yes! We encourage you to bring your dog's usual food from home. We do provide The Pet Pantry, a 100% natural and holistic dry food, as a convenient alternative at $5 /day.
  15. What vaccinations do you require?
  16. All dogs admitted into Lucky Paws must be current on Rabies, Distemper (DAPP), and Bordatella vaccinations. All cats must be current on Rabies, Distemper (FVRCP), and Feline Leukemia (FeLV) vaccinations. Please provide paperwork with your pets vaccination records.
  17. What are the kennels like?
  18. Each kennel is indoors, climate controlled, and between 4' by 6' or 4' x 4'. Side walls have isolation panels to prevent cross contamination, and provide your dog with privacy, cleanliness, and solitude. They are NOT chain link, and are specially designed and constructed so there are no sharp edges or exposed wire ends. Floors are sloped to a drain in case your dog does need to potty while in the kennel. An elevated cot is provided in each space.
  19. What are your cat enclosures like?
  20. Each spacious cat condo includes a private litter box, food and water, and multiple levels for lounging around. You may add any toy, blanket, bedding, or treats you'd like. Cat condos may accommodate up to three cats from the same family. Oftentimes we allow the cats to have access to the entire cat room and they enjoy looking outside, or people watch through the window to the lobby.
  21. Do you administer medications? What is the cost?
  22. We will administer oral or topical medications to your pet up to three times per day. The cost is $2.00 per day. We do not administer injectable medications.
  23. My dog is sometimes aggressive, what do I do?
  24. The first thing is to come in and get a free evaluation. Many dogs exhibit more aggressive behavior at home than they will at our facility. Their territorial nature makes them react differently when they are on their turf, or near their food bowl. Oftentimes, these dogs need socialization the most. If your dog is still too aggressive for the Lucky Paws environment, we can refer you to several resources to help correct these behaviors.
  25. Can I take a tour of the facility?
  26. The best way to see the facility is via the Live Webcam. There are also hundreds of photos on our Facebook page as well as our website. We do not offer tours of the back because the dogs are always out playing during business hours.
  27. Do you offer pet grooming services for both cats and dogs?
  28. We offer exit baths and nail trims for dogs staying at the facility for either boarding or daycare. Although we use professional grade shampoos, tub, and force dryer, these are exit baths designed to send your dog home clean after playing with other dogs, but are not "grooming".

7-11 AM & 3-7 PM

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